Hello to everyone, Welcome …

We are twin sisters and business owners from the beautiful Central Coast NSW.  Here is the link to our business: 🧘 🐵 www.meditatemate.com.au
Our product helps introduce kids to meditation and help them settle to sleep. We have had some amazing reviews! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


We have now created a window sticker for the front of our office to show that we will do not discriminate against anyone. Much like the breastfeeding-friendly sticker – we aim to show that all people are welcome in our business.

Thinking ahead to when we are hopefully allowed out and belonging to the unvaxxed group ourselves, we would appreciate being able to identify businesses that are unvaxxed friendly…. (not that we will discriminate against those that do not display a sticker), but in a lot of cases, it will help to ease worry and anxiety about being harassed if you decide to enter into a particular premises. Knowing if a business is pro-choice is, unfortunately, looking to be more and more necessary.

We wanted to keep the message as simple and non-triggering as possible and of course we wanted it to look cool !

Like you, we don’t want our society to slowly lose its humanity by discriminating against anyone. We are pro-choice ! Now is the time we need to stand together and stand up for our rights.


We are offering Buy 1 Get 1 free so you can gift one to a business near you … let’s promote unity rather than division !

Everyone who purchases can post their business details on our site. Also, post a picture of your sticker and business on Instagram using the @wedonotdiscriminate to feature on our page.
Please share this and follow our socials… @wedonotdiscriminate
Our success is your success !
Lets Unite Australia !

And the world.

May you be happy, may you be well, and may we all live in a world of peace and harmony without fear and discrimination✌️ ❤️